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We insulate:
multi-purpose pipelines curved surfaces tanks and reservoirs collecting and spreading facilities reinforcing steel and flanged connections

Heat isolation of pipelines Heat isolation of pipelines

Modern heat isolation methods ensure minimal heat losses that make it possible to save fuel resources, cut down cooling and power consumption.
isolation of 1 sq.m. of hot surface saves around 2 tons of fuel equivalent a year. The value of this fuel saving method was recognized and widely accepted by European developed countries where production of isolation materials is 7 times larger than in Ukraine.
While addressing the problem of enormous heat losses the main focus is usually put to a heat isolation of the building envelope. However, the prevailing portion of heat energy is lost not through ceiling and walls but through main heating and heat supply pipelines. In order to avoid such losses it is necessary to draw attention to the following rules:
  • For isolation purposes it is recommended to use only materials that in respect to performance parameters conform to operation conditions with a heat-transfer coefficient not less than 0.036 W/m*С° treated as the products of high quality.
  • isolation works should be performed only by qualified building and erecting organizations with adequate experience and license for particular works
Promisoliatsia Production Company operating at the Ukrainian market for construction services since 1998 will offer you error-free and cost-efficient isolation equipment operation. We specialize in production of heat isolation coating with further installation by our company specialists.

Insulation works Tank isolation

When performing isolation works, we use only certified materials of both domestic and foreign production. Applied technologies and materials guarantee a reliable protection of technological equipment during the whole service life.
The production activities of the Company are licensed under the existing legislation of Ukraine and comply with all health and safety requirements.
State license series АВ No. 051074 issued 24.03.06.
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