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We insulate:
multi-purpose pipelines curved surfaces tanks and reservoirs collecting and spreading facilities reinforcing steel and flanged connections

As of today among our clients that used or regularly use our services are as follows:
  • OJSC Kyiv Margarine Factory;
  • OJSC Kyiv Milk Factory No. 3;
  • CJSC Zolotonisky Butter-Processing Integrated Works;
  • CJSC HCM Engineering, Kyiv;
  • OJSC Kyiv Bird Plant;
  • CJSC Fozzy, Kyiv Region, Vyshneve;
  • CJSC Kraft Foods Ukraine, Kyiv Region, Petrivtsi;
  • CJSC Fanplit, Kyiv;
  • CJSC Bakhmachkonservmoloko, Chernigiv Region, Bakhmach;
  • SE Research and Production Agricultural Company Puscha-Vodytsia;
  • Coca-Cola Factory, Kyiv Region, Dymerka Village;
  • Gallina Blanca Factory, Brovary;
  • OJSC Spetsmebli, Kyiv;
  • Buchansky Glass Container Factory Co., Ltd;
  • OJSC S. Kovalska Reinforced-Concrete Structures Plant, Kyiv;
  • OJSC Kyiv Vegetable Factory, Kyiv;
  • OJSC Farmak, Kyiv;
  • OJSC Teplychny Plant, Kyiv Region, Kalynivka Village;
  • Beton Complex Ltd., Kyiv;
  • OJSC Budindustria, Chernigiv;
  • OJSC Galakton, Kyiv.
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