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We insulate:
multi-purpose pipelines curved surfaces tanks and reservoirs collecting and spreading facilities reinforcing steel and flanged connections

Our Company carries out heat insulation works for all-purpose pipelines and facilities. Specialists of Promisoliatsia Company will help you to avoid heat or cooling losses, as well as formation of condensation and corrosion in heating, ventilation, air condition, water supply, sewage and cold supply systems. With due regard to extremely important introduction of efficient power saving into the national economy we use only modern technologies and materials in heat insulation works.
Thus currently the most widely used and productive materials are as follows:
  • k-flex (armaflex, eurobatex) produced from cellular synthetic rubber;
  • thermaflex (climaflex) produced from cellular rubber;
  • pinofol produced from cellular one or double sided foil polyethylene;
  • rockwool, paroc produced from mineral basalt fibre;
  • isover produced from glass fibre;
  • penopoliuretan is mainly used for heat insulation of chilled water pipelines, refrigerating equipment.
Heat-insulation materials used in our works are licensed in Ukraine. Specialists of Promisoliatsia Company possess all necessary knowledge, experience and operating skills at all-complexity facilities and under any temperature conditions. Our specialists will perform all requested heat-insulation works within the shortest possible time. Technology of heat-insulation works involves by all means use of protective coating to prevent destruction of heat-insulation layer.
Current standards of the Ministry of Regional Development and Construction of Ukraine are underlying for price setting in our Company.
Our Company applies a flexible pricing policy towards every client for the purpose of taking into account all requests and timely performance of assigned tasks.
We guarantee heat-insulation works of high quality, acceptable prices and long-term operation of heat-insulation systems.
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